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Annika, it feels to me like your energy and what you emanate has a rhythm to it that is very powerful. Like a heartbeat or a drum. The way your energy impacts me is to call again and again and again and again like a pulse. Because of this, it is like a reminder that doesn't dull or dissipate but stays constant. And in this constancy the message breaks through my resistance. And the message, the pulse, the call is one that says to me:
"You are love. You are love. You are love"
And I truly begin to believe and my heart begins to echo
"I am love. I am love. I am love."

z Karen Falkenspencer z

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„You know it has been a lot this past week. There is more happening in my life than ever before between the kids and the school and my job and the doula work. And I get to go through my days feeling calm and centred and so...well, SO connected. In my meetings the creativity is off the charts and everywhere I look I see Spirit and my team communicating with me. And it’s all because of you and the tools you gave me."

z Kenzie I. z

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