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Hello magical one,
It's an honour to meet you!

My name is Annika Suoma Frey.

I'm a traditional witch with roots in Germany, Finland and Poland, a mom of four, a nature lover and the author of "WITCH - Woman in Transition Coming Home: Reclaim&Embody your Magic" and "Surrender into Action - 8 Steps into a Soul Led Life".

My mission as Soulconnectrix is to facilitate powerful on- and offline experiences to provide energetic support and spiritual guidance for extraordinary, courageous Souls. During these rapid expansion phases I speed up the transition process to get them to embody their deepest, most authentic version for their next chapter,
safe, fast & joyful.

I believe that our Soul knows the fastest way to bring into reality what we truly desire and what every single one of us came here to do. To fulfil our purpose in this lifetime. And I believe in lifelong learning, that we live in a lovebased Universe and in the healing magic of laughter and hugs.

Since 2016 I use my ability to channel Source energy to support others finding their Soulpath and connecting them to their own guidance and Spirit Team.

Through my studies, hundreds of sessions and running 17 online group programs and 3 in person retreats I've learned to show up fully present for the people in front of me and trust that I will provide what is needed. I always find the right tool in my toolbox, which I have filled since 2005 on my own spiritual journey.


As a mom of four little humans and a dedicated supporter of my partner on his own Soulpath I'm very aware that my (and your) linear time is limited. Which means I’m also a very practical person. You won’t find me suggesting hours and hours of meditation, rituals, “homework” or self care etc. I adore efficient systems and finding ways to integrate spirituality and magic into our every day life. And I love to play with time, bend it, stretch it and collapse it and to jump timelines and facilitate quantum leaps.

I dream about a world where more people follow their passion, their intuition and their heart. Where they walk their Soul's path with confidence, ease and joy, living their BIG dreams, inside and out. Where we all live consciously, act and react from a place of Love instead of fear and not only KNOW that we are the creator of our own life, but are devoted to make it the best experience possible.

That's the world I want my children to grow up in, a place where they can be their biggest, boldest selves, following their heart's desire without the fear of being judged or not accepted for who they really are. And it all starts with me. And YOU, of course. Are you ready to TRUST yourself and the Soul Led choices you make, so we can build this world together?

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“Annika and I worked together on her Soul Healing and Soul Reconnection program, and the work is beautiful, humbling, deep and moving ... all rolled into one. Annika has a unique knack of not just seeing the true you, but also feeling it, and had a way of helping me to peel back the layers I've put up to protect me, and connect deeply to my soul to understand my powers and strengths, while healing the wounds that have been driving me. This helped me to see who I want to be in this world, and who I want to be both as a business owner and a leader. The work is powerful, and much needed and I fully recommend her.”

— Gemma Went

Online Business Mentor

+ Growth Strategist

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“I see you” - so many times I have read this online…in marketing materials, in comments under posts, in an attempt to fill an existential human need to be acknowledged. I’ve used it too. And I came to understand that I see you very differently though than the rest of humanity. I have yet to meet someone who sees the world like I see it: Through my four Soulfilters.

When I look at you through my Spirit eyes, with my channel wide open, connected to the Universe and ready to connect you to your Soul I truly see YOU. 

Not only can I see your human body, over the last decade I have trained myself to turn my different filters on and off. It started in an attempt to not get overwhelmed when I leave my house or to have another friend walk away from me because I saw (and said) too much. Now, if you want to know what I see you need to pay me to

1.) show me that you value the information that I give you

2.) make sure that you really want to hear what I have to share with you and

3.) make this an even energy exchange.

My first Soulfilter is similar to night vision googles, but instead of only the heat of your body I see your energy field, your aura around you. This tells me where you are right now, how nurtured your essence is, how strong your connection to your Soul. I’ve learned to extend this vision to also see energy streams and attachments between you and other people, situations or things, even if you just speak or think of them. 

The second Soulfilter I can put on is the one for your emotions. Different from your energy field this is an ever changing cloud of different colours around you and through extensive studies of the people around me and the hundreds of clients I have worked with I know exactly what the different emotions look and feel like. So even though you might be putting on a brave face, smiling and talking about things that (maybe “should”) excite you I will ask you about the fear/ the anger/ the suppressed emotion that is showing up in your emotional body. I will also pick up on the slightest hints of joy and pleasure, so we can investigate and turn their volume up!


The third Soulfilter I use in my work is the one where I look at your Spirit Teams around you. When I turn this filter on I can see a group between 3-10 individual beings around you, usually a mix of angels, archangels, ancestors animals, passed loved ones and fae. I like to work with Spirit Teams a lot, they are very clear in their communication and usually give simple and clear instructions. The most heard message so far in all the tea dates and parties I had with women and their Spirit Teams is: “We are so happy you are ready to listen!”

The fourth Soulfilter I use and the first I ever developed a decade ago is the one for your potential. It’s like a vision of where you can be if you align to your Soul Path. Before I used this filter I was often disappointed by the people in my life, because they weren’t living true to who I saw them to be. Your potential shows me who you truly are without the programming, without the patterns and the layers of conditioning you have put on. The further along on their healing and spiritual journey someone is the more their potential overlaps with their aura and the more they shine from the inside out. So when I mix my energy field and my potential filter and put them both on I can tell you exactly in which area you need to work on due to the gap I see. This is what I use in my Soul(re)connection session.


That’s also the point where my coaching abilities and my signature Soulhealing modality comes in. I can not only tell you what needs to be done, I can also give you the tools to do that work and if necessary support you by doing the work with you. No more “I don't know what to do to realign.” You don’t have to search for another expert and wait for another appointment, once we know - and because you don’t even need to be able to tell me exactly what's going on, because I can see it we will know pretty quickly - you can do the work that get’s you into realignment straight away!

“When I first met Annika in December 2016 I felt a strong urge to work with her and I'm so glad I followed my instincts. Over a period of months of working together in 1-1 sessions Annika supported me in releasing long held negative beliefs.

The pace of my life began to speed up with many positive changes occurring smoothly and quickly. I was stuck for a long time but with Annika's firm and gentle support and intuitive guidance I pulled myself out of a languid state of being, became aligned with my path and began to move forward with joy.


Annika has made a lasting impact on my life and giving me tools to use on my own so that I can keep the forward momentum going. I can lovingly and confidently recommend Annika to others seeking to align themselves to their soul purpose.”

— Miriam B. 

Annika has an amazing gift, she is honest, whether you are ready or not to hear what she says. But when she needs to bring a message to you, it is done very respectfully and a strategy

to work with the information is given, which is very helpful."

— Marie-Anne Cotter


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My session was such a beautiful experience! It was exactly what I needed to let go and heal past wounds that were blocking my expansion. I was able to release and finally be at peace and I am now feeling much more comfortable in my body, confident and free to move on. Thank you so much Annika, you truly have a gift that can change the world."

Vivian Watson

Coach & Spiritual Teacher
Madrid, Spain

You know it has been a lot this past week. There is more happening in my life than ever before between the kids and the school and my job and the doula work. And I get to go through my days feeling calm and centred and so...well, SO connected. In my meetings the creativity is off the charts and everywhere I look I see Spirit and my team communicating with me. And it’s all because of you and the tools you gave me."

— Kenzie I.



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"I have Life today.
I rely on that constant communication
with my Higher Power,
more so than anybody these days.

And I realized, that's kinda all I need.
And then, of course, y'all appear, right, y'all appear, things appear, and situations appear.

And I realize, that's God working through me,
if I allow myself to be that vessel."

 "Church" by Macklemore