18. - 24.06.2018

Hello gorgeous Soul!

Are you a leader, healer or lightworker and you want to deepen into your service by discovering more of who you are? I have good news for you! This year you don't have to chose between Transformation and Luxury Adventure. Because Bali is calling you to experience BOTH!

I remember when it started calling me in 2016...

The words "A Soul Retreat in Bali" kept repeating in my head every time I would meditate. I had no clue what Bali looked like or where exactly it was. When I started looking into it I was fascinated by the pictures. And I knew I had to go. So in April 2017 we packed our bags, sold most of our belongings, put some things into a storage unit and left to Bali.

Every step I made on this magical island was Soul Led. I learned to completely trust every guidance that came from inside and it brought me the most beautiful experience I could have wished for. Bali connected me to myself and to Spirit in a way I will never forget. And I knew I wanted to host a retreat there the moment I got off the plane, using the energy that is in such a high vibration you can feel it on your skin. 

The Venue

So I searched for a venue, but nothing felt right...nothing...until I contacted the Floating Leaf and their owner invited us as a family to come and visit them. We went there and walking in through the big wooden doors felt INCREDIBLE. I knew: This is it!

A space to gather under the roof, with ocean view, rice terraces and the mountains on the other side. With luxurious rooms, little nooks and terraces, a beautiful area to eat together...and a SALTWATER POOL supporting any energetic releases. The perfect space to support my vision. But have a look yourself:

What do I get out of this?

You mean other than spending a week on a magical island in an award winning luxurious eco retreat centre with me?

You will leave closer to your Higher Self than ever before.

You will deepen into your Truth and your purpose, see yourself through a different lens.

And you will NEVER EVER forget the experience you had, meeting yourself in all your light.

You will make connections that probably last a life time. And learn how to be vulnerable and connect on a deeper level than ever before in your life. This will help you to improve your relationships, your family and your work life, in fact every single area you can think of.
Get ready to up-level and meet your next version.

Your Guide on this Adventure

If we haven't met yet
I would like to introduce myself quickly:
My name is Annika Suoma Frey, the Light Maiden. There are many words that describe different aspects of me, I'm a light worker, a Soul Connector, a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter. I'm a Mermaid, a Witch, a child of Mother Earth and the Big U, a Channel, a Healer, a Space Holder. I'm a Traveller, a World Lover, and I love to learn and grow and expand every single day. I'm a foodie, I respect and love all living creatures on this planet, I'm emotional and complicated and kind. I'm magical, I'm powerful, I'm strong...and soft at the same time.

And I'm ready to lead you deeper into WHO you ARE and WHY you are HERE than you ever went before. I surrender to wherever my Soul and my Spirit Guides lead me and for 2018 that means meeting beautiful Souls like you in person, to do my work in the most powerful way possible.

No Distractions - let's dive Deep

This is an alcohol free retreat, as I found that alcohol brings disconnection. The same goes for cigarettes and large quantities of sugar and snacks. We want to stay away from addictive behaviour at least during this time together. Simply not having it there might bring out a lot of things to work on for you. I'm excited to see what comes up!

There is wifi provided in the Floating Leaf, however I would recommend to stay offline except for connecting with your family. I find that my connection with myself and Spirit gets deeper the more I stay offline and want to share this experience with you, so this is an OFFLINE RETREAT. You are more than welcome to post and share after our shared time is over, but while we’re diving deep I ask you to not use the internet and facebook and emails to distract you.

Tell me about the Food!

If the last bit hasn't scared you off yet you are exactly the person I'm looking for to join me and the other Souls to co-create this beautiful retreat. As I have some restrictions around my own diet myself I know how important good food is, especially when you are doing spiritual and emotional work. You need to let me know about any dietary requirements you have, so I can make sure that everyone is fed well with fresh, local produce. Vegetarian, vegan, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free…what ever you need it will be provided in the 3 meals/day that are included!

An unlimited supply of filtered drinking water and fresh fruit is included and fresh juices will be available for purchase.

The Program

There is no program. I have an abundance of techniques and exercises to chose from. But it’s not gonna go as deep as I visualise it to go if I don’t let my Soul lead and feel each morning what we as a group need for our daily circle session. I trust my and your guides to support us and provide the agenda for the day in our morning meditation.

There will be a rough time plan around the times we eat, the times we meet and the free time you have to enjoy yourself.

But of course you want to see more than just the retreat centre.
We will go on two day trips, to experience Bali and the places that impressed me the most:

Trip 1: Wash away your doubts with Ida

Visiting High Priestess Ida Rsi in Bangli for her cleansing Melukat ritual was one of the most memorable days of my life.
Her ability to help you release and ground yourself deeply in your Truth and your new version is fantastic to witness - and of course experience. Prepare to learn just by watching her. And remember to bring a shirt that covers your arms as we are stepping inside her temple. I will provide the traditional clothing called sarong!

Trip 2: Tirta Ganga - the Water Palace

We will have a full fun day visiting East Bali and the region around Ahmed, the gorgeous Water Palace Tirta Ganga has many magical spaces where we can sneak in a group meditation and then go for a swim and ride a dragon with some koi fish joining us.

Afterwards we will enjoy some lunch at Liz Gilbert's favourite place on Bali and then have some beach and snorkelling time before driving back to the retreat centre.

Nurtured on all levels

As I believe that we need to look after all our needs a Balinese massage for every one participating is included, so your body is kept happy too.
And don’t worry about how to get there once you arrived at the airport in Denpasar. You just need to organise your flight (which is NOT included) and be at the airport on Saturday the 18th of June. You will be picked up and then brought back to the airport after our breakfast on the 24th of June.

If you want to the retreat centre offers an optional local shopping tour and has a small shop with local products set up. When we arrive we will all receive an introduction to Balinese culture and the "do's and don't"s. And on our last night together we will have a feast and some traditional dancing, which will be spectacular.


All this is included:

  • 6 nights/7 days accommodation 

  • 3 meals/day

  • Daily morning meditation/ visualisation

  • Soul led activities and exercises in our morning circle session

  • 2 online group calls on zoom
    (one 4 weeks before and one 4 weeks after the retreat)

  • professional photos taken so you don’t have to worry about capturing the moments and can be fully present

  • Airport to Retreat Centre and return transport

  • Optional local shopping tour

  • Introduction to Bali Culture and a special welcome dinner

  • 1 Balinese massage

  • Use of yoga hall and the salt water pool

  • Day trip to see Water High Priestess Ida Rsi
    (plus your personal Sarong to visit the temple)

  • Day trip to East Bali including visiting the Tirta Gangga Water Temple

  • Farewell dinner with Balinese gamelan and traditional dancers

  •  Fresh fruit and unlimited filtered drinking water

  • Daily housekeeping

Not included are:

  • Airfares to Denpasar airport

  • visa (depending on your country of origin)

  • travel insurance (proof needed for the retreat centre)

  • special activities or trips not mentioned above

  • special juices or snacks

All is left is the big question:
Are you ready to experience your Soul leading you?
Are you coming?

The Investment

If your Soul whispers YES to this and all that's left to know is the amount of the investment, here are the prices: 

5555€ (private room)


A safe space to retreat is essential while doing this deep work. However there is a discount if you decide to share your room with another participants, I recommend only doing this if you know and love the person dearly.

4888€ (shared room)

If you have any questions, if you want to hop on a call to discuss this and of course if your Soul now shouts YES to all of this don’t hesitate to contact me!

Flexible payment plans available. All payments must be made before April the 15th to secure your spot. 
EARLY BIRD BONUS: If you decide to sign up before the 15th of February there are 3 online 1:1 sessions with me included.

You're IN?
Let's talk!
Book your call with me right here, so I can find out more about YOU and you can find out if this is where you need to be in June:


18. - 24.06.2018
Is Bali calling you?