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Every single one of us has this incredible useful connection to Source, to find the way that suits each of us best to experience life as a human being. Through our mind-body-Soul-connection, through our wholeness, guidance is always available to us.​

The process and the tools I describe in this book will enable you to recover, strengthen and use your channel to live a soul led life.The art of surrender is exactly that: it is something that needs to be cultivated, explored and repeated over and over again. Make this process your own, stay curious and open and see your life transform.


Woman In Transition Coming Home

In WITCH: Woman In Transition Coming Home author Annika Suoma Frey shares with you her own transition to coming back home - remembering and reclaiming the magical, powerful woman she always was and only had forgotten. Reawakening the knowledge buried deep inside. Repairing her connection to our planet and something bigger than herself.

She speaks about the beautiful art of Surrender and Trust and how, when we step forward and get clear on what we want, are active co-creators in our life. And how suddenly your life can be filled with magic. This book is a mix of real life stories and observations, teachings, experiments, rituals and different tools and techniques, so you can find the best way to reclaim and embody your own special kind of magic.

This is for the witches who are awakening to their abilities, the seers, the healers, the oracles, the priestesses and the earth angels, the völvas and the shamans. For the ones ready to let their Soul lead, who want inspiration on how they can deepen into their own inner knowing and nurture their relationship to the Universe. For the ones who want to listen to the music of the Universe - and are courageous enough to dance to it. The Soul Dancers. It's time for the divine feminine wisdom and knowledge to rise and walk the Earth again, to bring our world back to a more balanced state.

Don't be afraid to embody all of who you are in your essence. And if you don't fully know who you are yet, don't worry - this book will remind you and call you back home!

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