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Are you ready to remember who you truly are?

Are you feeling small, vulnerable and doubting that the guidance you got was actually for you?
Have you abandoned your dreams, your vision, your Soulpath and went into hiding?
You were not born to blend in. You need to shine and lead.
You need to realign with your essence and feel your power.
And all you need is to stand up, fix your crown and remember who you truly are:

You are a Queen.

This is for you:

single 1:1 session
Crown Adjustment

You and me
60 minutes on Zoom

to restore your confidence
and let all of yourself be seen.

You don't need help with clarity. No, you know exactly what's next on your Soulpath. You just wonder how this could possibly be YOUR assignment. Your next Soulmission intimidates you, the level of visibility, authenticity and vulnerability required to make this shift into your next level frankly scares you...and so you hide. It doesn't feel safe to be seen.

Enough with the shrinking.
Your community, the world needs you to show them all of you!

What your Crown Adjustment unveils:


1. How to show up for your mission like the Queen that you are NOW

2. The energy in your field that hinders you going after your dreams and desires

3. How to come out of hiding and show yourself authentically and consistently

4. EXACTLY why you get scared when you are about to take your next step and pull back

5. Your shortcut to your power that will make confidently walking your Soulpath easy


What your Crown Adjustment corrects:


1. The unconscious belief that keeps you in a constant loop of start and stop when it comes to taking action towards your next goal

2. The behavioural pattern that keeps you small and causes you to put other people's needs before your own

3. Stagnant energy that keeps you from embodying your essence and stepping into your next level

4. The timeline that needs to be shifted, so you can feel sexy, free and worthy of your desires and courageously let yourself be seen in all your glory

This process is deep, revealing and healing.

Make sure to have time for integration afterwards. I expect you to come into our session focused and clear headed. Please be aware that you need to be free from influences, so no alcohol or or other recreational drugs/medication consumed in the 24 hours before our session.

We will meet in my personal Zoom room and you will have the option to record your session if you wish to do so.

During your session we will identify what keeps you in doubt and then I will immediately adjust your frequency, go deep and remove any outdated energy and work with your timeline where needed.

After your healing we will discuss how to take care of yourself energetically and how to tap back into your essence daily.

"People have told me I’m beautiful all my life...I’ve never felt it, seen it or believed it.

I’ve never felt beautiful or sexy. But honestly you have unlocked something in me that has made me truly connect with this part of myself.

I found myself looking in the mirror this morning

and saying: Oh wow you are hot!

My husband and I are having the BEST sex we’ve ever had.

Thank you for connecting me to my divine feminine. I love you!" 

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