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Where did I take a wrong turn?

Which unaligned decision(s) brought you here, heading straight into

(or even already living) a life that doesn't work for you?
Sometimes you realise that what you thought you wanted isn't actually what you want. Maybe you even crossed off every single item from your vision board. But the life you are living doesn't feel like you imagined it would feel.
Somewhere along the way you made some choices that weren't based on who you are. Want to know what needs to be released and do so straight away?
This is designed for you:

single 1:1 Intensive
Course Correction

You and me
for 90 minutes on Zoom

to bring you back
into Flow.

When you courageously walk your Soulpath and continously work towards your vision sooner or later you will fuck up. Making mistakes and taking wrong turns is part of the alignment process.

While this is completely normal it can leave you doubting if you`re still on the right path.

This is not about another strategy or certification. Maybe you've tried them all.

But still you keep slipping back into

- overwhelm

- distractions

- overeating

- binging movies, podcasts and audio books

- the spiral of self criticism
- addictive behaviours

- overworking
- depression
- burn out

- sleepless nights 


or perhaps a mix of all of the above. You feel depleted and exhausted. The life you have consciously co-created feels heavy and suffocating. You crave space and ease and time to play.

It's time to realign you with your Soulpath, with the life you want to have.

I can show you what is and what isn't aligned with your current Soulmission and correct your course, so you can feel in flow again. Together we will do this in a way that is quick and straight forward.

What will your Course Correction uncover?

1. How to make time and space for the things and people that matter most to you
2. The choices you made that waste your time, energy and money
3. How to shift you from feeling trapped and stuck to flowing through your days and feeling alive
4. Precisely why your decisions and actions are not aligned with your Soulpath and how to make aligned decisions in the future
5. Your Soul’s unique experience she wants to have and the frequency behind it that will ensure you keep the course

What your Course Correction removes:

1. The reason you keep thinking about getting away from it all and how to bring space for joy, play and excitement back into your life
2. The energetic dissonances that leave you unsatisfied and make you question everything in your life
3. The misalignment between the things you do/how you do them and your deeper desires, that keeps you stuck in sabotaging behaviour that prevents pleasure
4. The stagnant energy around commitments that need to be released or restructured, so you feel radiant and excited for your day again

The Course Correction Intensive is a mix of deep soul led conversation and energy work. Even though hearing the things I see might feel uncomfortable, you will also feel held and safe and see yourself and your future in a new light.

Once you have signed up I will send you a short questionnaire to fill out as well as a request for some data.

We will meet in my personal Zoom room and you will have the option to record your session if you wish to do so.

During your session we will explore your Authentic Soul Expression, your Soul's current mission and the purpose of this lifetime. This can be done through different time magic rituals and I will chose which one suits you best.
We will also go into the core frequency of your next mission and look at the stepping stone emotion you will need to quantum leap onto a different timeline.

Ready to flow into your next level?

“Why would you want to work with Annika?
For me it was the pressure of seeing what had to be done – for my life and for my business – but not doing it. Probably one part not knowing how to and two parts being scared of the change that was about to come. I feel like that is a roadblock holding many people back. Annika is magic. Plain and simple. In our session she showed me doors inside my soul that I hadn't even found, let alone opened, despite years of trying to solve my problems by myself. Which might be the only negative side to working with her – For a moment I felt so silly for not seeing what now seems like the easiest and most natural way forward.
Annika was my teacher when it came to surrendering to the things I could not change and to being brave when I could. And that makes all the difference in the world when you want to live a happy, soul aligned life. Many teachers I had seen before promoted cutting back on basically everything that makes life fun and focussing entirely on the mission of your soul, but Annika made very clear,

that the soul thrives on joy. And after incorporating our session into my life I have to agree."


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