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Are you done working so hard?
Ready to inject EASE and JOY back into your business?

As a female entrepreneur led by her Soul it's easy to overwork.
Your vision is clear, you know exactly where you want to go...
and it all feels too hard and beyond reach right now.
You're right at the edge of expansion.
And you are done waiting for your next level in business and your life.
This mix of healing work and alignment coaching is designed for you:

single 1:1 session

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When we courageously walk our Soulpath and continously work towards our vision sooner or later we will fuck up. Making mistakes is part of alignment.While this is completely normal it can leave us doubting if we're still on the right path.

You are right on the edge of expansion - and maybe have been for weeks or months.

Deep inside you know what you need to do to expand your business further - and it is not about yet another strategy or certification. You've tried. 

And you’re getting fed up with yourself. 

No matter what you did you have only experienced short bursts of relief, but nothing lasted.
You keep slipping back into

- overwhelm

- distractions

- overeating

- binging movies, podcasts and audio books

- the spiral of self criticism
- addictive behaviours

- overworking


or perhaps a mix of all of the above.

It's time to realign you with the business you want to have.

I can show you the way to shift into the next level permanently. Together we will do this in a way that is quick and straight forward.

Are you ready?

Then invite me for a Witches' Visit.

What will we discuss?

1. How to align you with the brand and business you want to have
2. The old, stale energy that keeps your Soulclients away
3. How to go from hiding parts of you to fully showing up in your business - authentically
4. Your EXACT next steps to have more energy and time at the end of your working day
5. Your Soul’s unique mission she wants to fulfill through your business, so working feels effortless and in Flow

What the Witches' Visit covers:

1. Why your business has lost it's spark and how to bring joy and excitement back into your workday
2. The energetic dissonances that leave you unsatisfied and make you question if this work is still for you
3. The misalignment between your business and you, that keeps you stuck in sabotaging behaviour
4. What needs to be released or restructured, so you feel excited and magnetic in your work

The Witches' Visit is a mix of deep conversation and energy work. Even though hearing the things I see might feel uncomfortable, you will also feel held and safe and see yourself and your role in your business in a new light.

Once you have signed up I will send you a short questionnaire to fill out as well as a request for some data.

We will meet in my personal Zoom room and you will have the option to record your session if you wish to do so.

During your session we will explore your Authentic Soul Expression, your Soul's current mission, the purpose of this lifetime and how it ties in with your business. This can be done through different time magic rituals and I will chose which one suits you best.
We will also go into the core frequency of your dream business, attune it to your Soul frequency and after our session I will create a bespoke sigil, which you will receive as a digital file via email, holding that frequency for you.

Let's make you showing up fully for your Soul aligned business every day your new normal. This is the start of your next level.


Are you ready for my visit?

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“Why would you want to work with Annika?
For me it was the pressure of seeing what had to be done – for my life and for my business – but not doing it. Probably one part not knowing how to and two parts being scared of the change that was about to come. I feel like that is a roadblock holding many people back. Annika is magic. Plain and simple. In our session she showed me doors inside my soul that I hadn't even found, let alone opened, despite years of trying to solve my problems by myself. Which might be the only negative side to working with her – For a moment I felt so silly for not seeing what now seems like the easiest and most natural way forward.
Annika was my teacher when it came to surrendering to the things I could not change and to being brave when I could. And that makes all the difference in the world when you want to live a happy, soul aligned life. Many teachers I had seen before promoted cutting back on basically everything that makes life fun and focussing entirely on the mission of your soul, but Annika made very clear,

that the soul thrives on joy. And after incorporating our session into my life I have to agree."

Image by Letti Schm

single 1:1 session

You and me
90 minutes on Zoom

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