Free  Surrender into Action week
For 2017 I committed myself to study "Surrender" even deeper than before, surrendering every single day to my guidance within and teaching it to others. In 2017 I have been teaching 4 live rounds of my program "Surrender into Action" and I was able to see patterns emerging and certain steps that repeat themselves over and over. I want to share these steps with you in a free experience.

Looking forward to share this with you.

Sending you Love&Light, always!

Annika x

Your Shortcut to your Soul

Hello gorgeous Soul!


Surrendering - to your body wisdom, your Soul's desires AND surrendering the "How" to something bigger than yourself - is a completely different form of living than the one most of us are brought up with. Are you curious? Then join me for a week, to explore if this is for you too!

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