the Forest

You+Me+Source energy+Time magic
6 hours on Zoom
3 day Soul Shift Retreat
Ritual, release, reconnection and rebirth

Most authentic You


Hey Soul led Queen!

You have consciously created your life and business and it has felt beautiful and effortless for a while.
But lately the spacious and delicious life you have has started to feel too small, too tight, you can feel that you are ready for a new chapter, the next step, to deepen into your devotion and your desires.


And you can feel that this step is so huge and will require to discover so much more of who you are and let go of so much you thought you were that it scares you. So you stay where you are, you keep disconnecting from your Soul, while you are aware that you go through the motions instead of following the Flow. You are moving off your Soulpath more and more. And all you want is to feel tuned in, turned on by life, to feel alive again. Your community can feel it too, you're not showing up as your authentic self any longer. Making decisions gets harder and harder. There seems to be no time for you and the things that truly matter to you.

But you are a Queen. You delegate and you ask for support when you need it. When you want it. And right now, you need it and you want it. For transitioning, transforming into the leader, the queen you are meant to be. With ease, with grace, with play and laughter, between the tears and the shedding of old skin. This is designed for you.

Image by Geran de Klerk

Imagine walking through the forest, to a small house nestled into the trees that surround it. A stream is running next to it gurgling away, you can hear bird sounds all around. In front of the house a table and two chairs are waiting and you can smell freshly brewed tea wafting through the air, mixing with the dark scent of the moss. Slowly you relax.

You came here to (re-)connect with your Soul, get clarity on who you are, how you can show up authentically and what it looks like to be a business owner and leader owning and using all your powers and strengths.

Things have been feeling out of alignment, what once flowed beautifully now feels too small, too tight and you can feel that if you don’t make changes fast the life you created for yourself will suffocate you. You don’t know when it happened, but you realised that a radical shift is needed so you can find time for the things that truly matter to you. Your values have changed, a new you is trying to emerge…and while you are ready to fully step into who you need to be for this next chapter in your life and know you could do it on your own, slowly, over the next couple of months and with a lot of hard work you also know that this is not how you do things any longer. Because you have done it before, on your own, and it was not fun. Quite the opposite. It was one of the hardest things you have ever experienced.


Usually to even start a transition as huge as the one that you are facing right now in one big step you would need to retreat for several days. But you can’t just disappear from your business for days, can’t even think about a week away, not right now. You simply don’t have the time to figure out what you need, what you want, why you are here and how you need to show up to do your part in building the new world we all crave. One of equality and justice and love for each other and our planet. And you know this world needs ALL of who you are.

What if you just needed two hours in the morning, three days in a row, to step into your new role? I will stretch these two hours, make them feel like days and minutes at the same time. I will connect you with your Soul, simply through my presence. I will show you how to nurture and strengthen that connection, through processes and rituals tailored to your needs and circumstances. I will ask you the questions your ego doesn't want to be asked. Together we will address any old stories that need to be left behind. And then we will jump into the future, so you can feel how it feels to be who you came here to be at this moment in time. To embody the frequency of your deepest version, of all of who you are. So you don't have to doubt again how to act, react and respond. You will simply know.

Image by Guilherme Caetano

There is no space for judgement during our time together. Everything you bring to me is what it is. There is also no hiding or holding back. I will see the things that are out of alignment, even the ones you don't share with me. I'm a Truth Teller and I will speak directly to your Soul. There is no space for bullshit. Or your inner drill sergeant. Liars and bullies, especially the ones in your head, will be addressed and integrated straight away. We will also not waste a moment of your time with small talk, we will go deep, fast, to get you through this transition as easy and joyful as humanly possible.

I promise you laughter, big energy releases and that you will not recognise the person you were before our time together. We will dream, create, move and whisper spells together. I will hold you when you are tender without mothering you. I see the real you and I will hold up the mirror until you see your magnificent Soulself too. Because you are pure magic!


At my imaginary witch house in the forest, next to the stream of creation, time as you know doesn’t exist. The work you could do by yourself in 6-12 months we will do together in 6 hours, spread over 3 days. And you will leave my house with the tools you need to remind you of who you are at Soullevel, should you ever forget again.


Feeling the weight of the bespoke potions in your bag, hearing them clinking together with every step you make, you know you are able to support yourself from here on forward, come what may.
And as you step back into human time, into your life, you know exactly what needs to be done, what needs to be adjusted so you can be the aligned Queen your community needs. Now.

Image by Steven Diaz
Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

How does it work?

We will meet in zoom for 2 hours on three consecutive days, at a time that works for both of us, starting on a day that is convenient for you and is supported by the mooncycle. I will show up 100% ready and present for you and guide you through the whole process of shifting you fully back into your authentic Soul expression.

Between our calls it's up to you to support yourself during integration. Book a massage, go for a hike, take a nap, have nourishing food ready. You are the one who knows herself best, gorgeous Queen, so make sure your needs are met to make the most of this 3 day intensive. Plan ahead, you will need most of your energy for your time in the forest with me.

After our time together you will have

1. a bespoke recording to connect you straight to your Soul and your Spirit Team again, in case your connection weakens once you’ve returned home
2. A release ritual attuned to your Essence
3. An action plan to bring your most authentic version with you
4. A basket full of the tools that will support you best going forward
5. A physical reminder charged with your new frequency, helping you embody your new version


Image by Twitter: @jankolario
Image by Daniel von Appen

The Energy Exchange:

4444 €

paid in full, 2 or 4 payments

Image by Richard Sagredo