A group experience for magical women

to receive a new way of life

13.04. - 09.05.2020

Hello gorgeous Soul!

Not sure how you want the „new normal“, the life "after all this" to look like?

Me neither. What I know is that building a vision and bringing it into reality is easier together. Spending some energy and time each day to follow the whispers of our heart, the guidance of our Soul. Actually do the things we need to do to create a life that we love. Staying committed to make this world a wonderful place to live in for everyone. Come and join me for 4 weeks of


where we will explore

  • SURRENDER: how to surrender to every single moment and experience and FLOW with them, no more pushing

  • TRUST: developing trust to yourself, your Intuition, your body and the guidance you receive from your Soul and Spirit

  • BALANCE: the art of balancing DOING and BEING,


  • NURTURE: ways to nurture yourself and maintain a healthy relationship with the Divine while serving

  • EMBODIMENT: techniques to stay embodied, present and engaged in your everyday life

  • PLEASURE: following what lights you up as your way to open further, to learn and grow

  • CREATION: how to create a lovebased reality and a sustainable way of life for YOU

  • COMMUNITY: experiencing the impact that having a group of devoted, magical women to turn to has


DAILY Cards:
Affirmations, Uplifting channeled messages and journaling prompts
delivered in the
private Pop-Up Facebook Group, where we will connect between the

14 x 30 minute long live group calls

happening on Zoom
1:1 laser coaching, channeling, activations and visualisations
(replays will be available)

plus access to my online course

teaching you the
8 steps of Surrender
(valued at 333€)

"Choosing to be Curious is choosing to be Vulnerable
because it requires us to  
Surrender. "

- Brené Brown

Working with Annika is extraordinary. She has a way of making you believe in yourself and give you courage to do things you thought you could never do. She inspires you from a place of soul connection where she walks the walk. She leads the way for you to do the 'scary' things despite the fear because you learn to trust yourself and trust your deeper knowing. I want to give an unbelievably huge thank you to Annika for allowing me to grow and expand to become part of the person I've always wanted to be. Here is to reaching for the stars despite the occasional darkness.
Highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to take that leap into a more soul-aligned life of ease and flow.

- Jesse McC.
Member of the second, third and fourth
Surrender into Action live round 

Thinking about this situation [...] I was ok with whatever the outcome would be, feeling completely at ease with myself, feeling that I'm exactly where I need to be, feeling that the next version of myself, the version that will go back home in four weeks, will be even more amazing and will be exactly the way she needs to be.
Even knowing that I CAN do this kind of growth within only four weeks amazes me beyond words.

Now that I tasted this way of life, I won't ever want to go back to the old way - this feels way too good and too powerful to ever give it up again.

- Melina R.

Member of the second, third and fourth
Surrender into Action live round 


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