A month of

A deep dive into Soulled Living

Hello gorgeous Soul!

Are you ready to devote at least part of your life to let your Soul lead?
To spend some energy and time each day to explore the whispers of our heart and follow the guidance of our Soul? To actually do the things you need to do to create a life you love? Committing to make this world a wonderful place to live in for everyone?

Then please join me for a month of


where we will explore

  • SURRENDER: how to surrender to every single moment and experience and FLOW with them, no more pushing

  • TRUST: developing trust to yourself, your Intuition, your body and the guidance you receive from your Soul and Spirit

  • BALANCE: the art of balancing DOING and BEING,


  • NURTURE: ways to nurture yourself and maintain a healthy relationship with the Divine while serving

  • EMBODIMENT: techniques to stay embodied, present and engaged in your everyday life

  • PLEASURE: following what lights you up as your way to open further, to learn and grow

  • CREATION: how to create a lovebased reality and a sustainable way of life for YOU


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I felt as if I had no value, was of no value to others and literary lost myself completely about six months earlier.
During the "month of devotion" with the course structure carefully and firmly helped me peel of what was holding me back.

I just finished my month so it is a bit early to say for certain what I got from it but what I do know is that when it started I was apologizing for all and nothing, felt so insecure and not at all knowing who I was, where my aims in life, in all aspects, should be at.

Now I know that I deserve to set boundaries for my own sake and that I am worthy them. I am worthy of being me who ever that is or if I know it my self or not. I trust myself, the universe and life with a whole new mindset.

- Anna Z.
Member of the first Devotion live round

 [Before "Devotion"] I felt stuck and in this kind of muddy mood, right before the next leap. Before we even started I felt new flow and the first changes just happened with ease. In the live calls every two days Annika and the other ladies created a space of trust and truth and comfort, where every one of us could just be and grow and find back to herself. For me they helped me holding myself accountable, devoted to my path. And with the daily prompts the flow didn´t stop. They implemented flow and momentum, that carries me further than I ever could imagined.
I found something I didn´t even know I had lost - and I´m still stunned how much can change and heal and be done in just one month.

- Veronika S.

Member of the first Devotion live round 


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