online group program
over two mooncycles

22.06. - 16.08.2020

Hello Soulseer, Witchsister, magical woman!

You don't need another training
What you need

Is to remember
Your own rhythm
Who you are

Where you came from
Your former lifetimes
Who stands behind you
And how powerful you are

As keeper of the Earth

and channel for universal wisdom

Are you ready to understand and claim your roots?

Starting with the New Moon in June we will work through two mooncycles.
Moving with the phases of the moon each cycle will have three active weeks and one week rest and integration.

During our time together you will experience

healing of the mother and father wound​ z

connecting to your mother- and your fatherline z

how to call your ancestors in and let them work through you z

reconnection to the land z

activating your body memory z

a visit into your past lifetimes and the akashics z
connecting to your Soulroots z

which will increase your connection not only to your roots and ancestors, but also to your Soul and Spirit,
build up your confidence in your own Magic
and your ability to stand firmly planted while reaching for the stars.

"When the Roots are Deep,

there is no Reason to fear the ind  "

- African Proverb


Each working week
1 video module released on Mondays

including action prompt
(6 in total)

2 x 45 minute long live group calls

happening on Zoom
(12 in total)

Wednesdays: vision journey and sharing circle
Saturdays: Q&A, coaching, cards&channeling
(replays will be available, time for these will be set to work for all)

Each integration week
Journaling prompt
Sound bath with the Spirit Drum

Bonus: Pop up Facebook Group to connect and share

So what's the Investment?
There are 2 payment options

Option  1

€111 x 5
billed monthly
Option  2


"Maybe you are seaching amongst the  Branches,

for what only appears in the  Roots."

- Rumi

Working with Annika is extraordinary. She has a way of making you believe in yourself and give you courage to do things you thought you could never do. She inspires you from a place of soul connection where she walks the walk. She leads the way for you to do the 'scary' things despite the fear because you learn to trust yourself and trust your deeper knowing. I want to give an unbelievably huge thank you to Annika for allowing me to grow and expand to become part of the person I've always wanted to be. Here is to reaching for the stars despite the occasional darkness.
Highly recommend working with her to anyone who is ready to take that leap into a more soul-aligned life of ease and flow.

- Jesse McC.
Toronto, Canada


My name is Annika Suoma Frey
and I'm a Soulmidwife and Traditional Witch with roots in Germany, Poland and Finland.

I was born and raised in Germany and had the pleasure of receiving an introduction to the basic concepts of witchcraft, the healing power of our body and the Universal Laws growing up - both through my Grandma and my mum.

I have been actively on the self development path for the last 15 years and have studied spiritual practises all around the world - from my 8 years in Ireland to spending time with spiritual leaders from Bali to Toronto and Texas.

For the last 4 years I worked as divine channel, 1:1 mentor and coach and spiritual teacher. I have developed my own healing modality and taught 14 online live courses, letting my Soul lead to the content of the next course.

I would be honoured to guide you back to your roots!

Annika x


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