To support you best I designed different sessions, depending on your wants and needs.

So tell me magical one, what do you desire?

Image by Letti Schm

Having a hard time hearing your Soul?

Are you in need of a direct translation of what your Soul is trying to tell you?
You need to cut out the noise and listen to the directions of your Soul,

but you are not able to spot the disconnect yourself.
We'll have your communication channel repaired in no time!
This is designed for you:




You and me
30 minutes on Zoom

to get you clarity
on your next steps.

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Who am I to do this?

Are you feeling small, vulnerable and doubting that the guidance you got was actually for you?
Have you abandoned your dreams, your vision, your Soulpath and went into hiding?
You were not born to blend in. You need to shine and lead.
You need to realign with your essence and feel your power.
You need to remember who you truly are.

This is for you:


single 1:1 session
Crown Adjustment

You and me
60 minutes on Zoom

to restore your confidence
and let all of yourself be seen.

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Do you like what you do and how you do it?
Or do you ask yourself: Where did I take a wrong turn?

Which unaligned decision(s) brought you here, heading straight into

(or even already living) a life that doesn't work for you?
Sometimes you realise that what you thought you wanted isn't actually what you want. Maybe you even crossed off every single item from your vision board. But the life you are living doesn't feel like you imagined it would feel.
Somewhere along the way you made some choices that weren't based on who you are. Want to know what needs to be released and release it straight away?
This is designed for you:



Course Correction

You and me
for 90 minutes on Zoom

to bring you back
into Flow.

Image by Letti Schm

Are you ready to uplevel FAST?
Do you want to embody your deepest, most authentic version

with every fibre of your being NOW?

You are looking for energetic support and spiritual guidance to go through your next expansion phase fast, determined and smooth.

Right now you’re deep in the mud, stuck and it's hard to breathe.
You can feel the need to grow, your old skin is too tight and it’s time to shed and step into the next level leader you came here to be.
You've uplevelled before by yourself and this time you want an expert in transitions by your side.
This is designed for you:


virtual 3-Day 1:1 Retreat
Into the Forest

You and me
6 hours on Zoom
spread over 3 days

for your Rapid Uplevel Experience

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