6 months of Mentorship and Spiritual Guidance

Live with effortless Flow
by moving to the silent music of the Universe
and the rhythm of your Soul

Are you one of the crazy/courageous ones?
(Depends on who you ask, right?)

zOne of the wild women who refuses to live her life for others? b
zWho has developed unwavering trust into her intuition
and that the Universe has her back? 
zWho acts on her guidance and her visions
and treats her desires and dreams as sacred guideposts? 
zWho knows and loves the buzzing feeling in every cell of her body that comes with alignment, walking on her Soul's Pathb
zWho has experienced the Flow that comes with surrendering to something higher than yourself? b
zWho sees the proof and receives the messages that Spirit sends her? b

Then you know, my love. I know you know. I know you know what it feels like to be human AND dance with your Soul.

zThe resistance, the sabotagesthe procrastination b
zThe incredible ability to turn a blind eye (and ear) to the guidance b
zThe fear about the change that every new step brings b
zThe deep healing work that needs to be done - over and over again b
zThe challenges we face within ourselves b

zThe leaving behind of friends and family who don't evolve with us b
zThe impatience - because you KNOW where it's going b
zThe frustration over yet another plot twist b

zThe loneliness b
zThe days when it's one breath at a time b
zThe Expansion Hangovers after big leaps b

zThe build up before before them b

zThe moments when everything happens at once b
zAND the months where nothing seems to happen b 
because your reality hasn't changed yet while the Universe works behind the scenes

You KNOW and have experienced several of the things above. Perhaps all of them. Maybe you even felt tempted or have tried to go back to a more regular, normal way of life. And you learned that there is no going back, just moving forward.

Here is the thing that I and the hundreds of women I worked and connected with found: As soon as we surround ourselves with other women who KNOW, who live and love and dance and play this way, when we open ourselves up to receive 
support, confirmation of the next steps, are celebrated for our wins, share our grief and pain in a safe space and feel seen...moving through the above and getting back into ACTION (Soul aligned of course!), back onto the dance floor to move in Flow with the Universal Energies and using the Universal Laws to work for us suddenly no longer feels hard.

If you'd rather continue to do it without this support and a community of crazy wild magical women around you this is not for you, so stop reading and use your precious time for something more aligned for you right now.
But if you are ready to experience what I described above for yourself read on!

You're still here!
That means you are drawn to...

zBeing part of an intimate group of Soul Led women
who understand and encourage you
zReceiving weekly guidance through cards and channeled messages
to make sure you're still on track 
zNew and Full Moon Rituals to deepen your connection b
zBiweekly group coaching calls to move you through sticky situations b
z45 minutes 1:1 session/ month for deep healing, mindset or planning
always making sure you get what you need 

zA place to connect, share, laugh and be held (accountable) 
in our complimentary Facebook group 
zmonthly mini workshops on topics YOU want to learn more about b 

BONUS: the replay collection

The replays of our coaching calls will be available
over a private collection on Vimeo.

In case we haven't met:

Hello gorgeous Soul,

my name is Annika Suoma Frey.

I was born and raised in Germany and had the pleasure of receiving an introduction to the basic concepts of witchcraft, the healing power of our body and the Universal Laws growing up - both through my Grandma and my mum.

I have been actively on the self development path for the last 15 years and have studied spiritual practises all around the world - from my 8 years in Ireland to spending time with spiritual leaders from Bali to Toronto and Texas.

For the last 3 years I worked as divine channel, 1:1 mentor and coach and spiritual teacher. I have developed my own healing modality and taught 12 online live courses, letting my Soul lead to the content of the next course.

Since I tried to take my own life in 2007 and gained a direct connection to the fifth plane and my Soul I have been a Souldancer. And now I'm ready to share what I've learned.

Are you ready to join me?

Annika x


Melina R., Artist Healer

If you're just so much as thinking about joining, DO IT! Annika is a gorgeous, beautiful teacher. She creates a non-judgemental space to learn, explore and find your unique voice.

We start once there is 13 of us!
(12 Spaces left)

This is a sacred space where you will be supported on all levels.
To ensure that this is the case you have to go through an application process
before being able to book your spot.

The investment for being guided and supported
for 6 months as a Souldancer is

One payment of 2555 Euro
6 payments of 444 Euro

12 payments of 244 Euro

Veronika S., Forest Witch

Annika with her beautiful energy, soft and caring and adamant when it´s necessary has always the right question that will make you think in ways you never did before.

Janice O'C.,
JMOC Spiritual 

Annika, THANK YOU!!  For helping me see, listen and sit, with myself, so I can do it better with others.  Your gentle, firm, loving support means so much to me. Spending time with you is always magical!

Have more questions?
Contact me here!

© 2019 Annika Suoma Frey