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 Hello gorgeous Soul!

I'm delighted that you found your way to this page. Maybe you are here because you are curious. Maybe you are here because something inside you wanted you to come here. Maybe you are here because you know you need to be part of the Soul Garden. I know why you are not here: coincidence. You landing here on this page has a reason. Because everything has a reason. Sometimes we can't see it. But it's always there, as the things in our life happen for us, not to us. This is an opportunity for you to explore what you feel inside you. The MAGIC inside you. So here is my first question: Do you believe in MAGIC?

I do!

And I deeply believe that there are much more of us out there - of you and me, with natural abilities - who see more, feel more, know more than the people around us. Highly empathic souls, amazing mediums, clear channels, who have been trained to keep their MAGIC hidden, to not tell anyone about the auras, the fairies, the universal knowledge, the every day miracles, the visions. To suppress it, disconnect from it, to NOT use it. ENOUGH!

Do you hear me? It's enough. It's time for you to discover your wings and to learn to fly. I decided to provide a safe space for all my fellow fairies and mermaids and light workers, where I will share my knowledge freely and where new light workers will be able to test out their abilities.

It's not complicated

MAGIC is the life force in every single one of us, it flows through every living creature on this wonderful planet we are blessed to have an experience on. There are so many simple ways to access it, so many wonderful systems and techniques and I gathered loads of them over the last 10 years after I had my very own MAGICAL experience. If this program can make this knowledge easier accessible and make only one soul on this Earth think: "Oh how wonderful, I'm NOT the only one" it will make me incredible happy. On this journey we will dive deep, and although the things I share are simple it willl be not easy. So here is my second question: Are you committed to dive deep?

Time to Shine my love!

Together we will discover your MAGIC gifts, recover what you have lost and bring a new dimension to your life, your work, your experience - living from your SOUL.

My big vision is that through the Soul Garden I can provide the circumstances so you can sprout (or blossom, depending on who you are), so you can go out and spread your light, a light of authenticity, of consciousness, of presence and balance and LOVE, so that at some point our whole planet is lit up and the darkness has to hide, not the wonderful light.

So here is my third question for you my dear:
Are you ready to spread your light?

I loved the whole experience!!! The videos were insightful and informative. The best part of the experience for me was the community space where we could discuss, share, learn and form connections that will undoubtedly last for many years (lifetimes?) to come!!!

- Katie T., a beautiful strong rose in the Soul Garden

Want to know the  Details?

Over the course of 7 weeks you will explore 7 Modules. Every module has 3-5 short video lessons, packed with the beautiful knowledge I gathered over the years. The course material can be worked through in 30 minutes to 1 hour per week, so can be integrated easily into a busy life. There will be a monthly Full Moon Circle, a gathering of the members, to strengthen our community and have some sacred space time, sharing how we are while being in our divine feminine energy. You will have LIFETIME ACCESS* to the program over the membership website. A wonderful secret Facebook group as a safe space to explore your MAGIC is of course included.


Access to these PLUS the replays of the live calls doesn't end after 7 weeks! You have LIFETIME* access.

Special Bonus:

I asked the most amazing women I know and who work in this spiritual field to bring their juicy wisdom to my Soul Garden. In the last live round every week another incredible guest speaker did join us, giving us their perspective on their specialities!
All of these calls can be found on the membership website as well.

Katie Lipman on “Connection&Authenticity”

Celeste Frenette on “Protection”

Karen Baines on “Law of Polarity”

Flora Ware on “The Divine Feminine Cycles”

Ashley Danielle on “Powerful Healing Modalities”

Asha Frost on “Animal Medicine”

Agnes Kowalski on “Money mindset”

"My biggest take away was that investing just a little time in learning about things I'm curious about can lead to really big breakthroughs and realizations. My favorite module was the Practical Magic as card reading has always fascinated me and I enjoyed learning about the elementals."  

- Margo P.,

a flexible, growing willow in the Soul Garden

I invite you to come and GROW with us in the  
Soul Garden
The investment for lifetime access* is

You'll receive all the details and instant access to the membership website to your PayPal email address in the next 24hours after your payment.

*lifetime of the program, not mine. I'm not ready to make that commitment. 


In our time together you will learn:

- Who you are at a Soul level

- How to communicate with your guides

- Ways to protect yourself (and your clients)

- More about the energy systems taught around the world

- How to respect your rhythms and look after yourself first

- about the Akashic Records

- Simple Healing Modalities

- Practical Tools to start working asap

- How to use Elemental Magic 


so much more...

"I would highly recommend this program and community to all seekers, lovers of possibility, and those looking to get on their path. This is a gentle, and flexible way to start leading you to a higher version of you. Enjoy!""

- Laura S.,
a powerful, healing Marigold in the Soul Garden

In a playful and non-judgemental way we will explore the following in each module:

  1. Connection: How you are connected, to your body, your self, your soul, your spirit guides and everyone around you

  2. Protection: How to protect yourself and your clients, your energy and your body

  3. Energy Systems: Chakras, "Head, Heart, Gut", The 7 planes, Auras&Colours

  4. Cycles/Rhythms: The Moon, The female cycle, Number cycles, The female life cycle

  5. Healing Modalities: Everything I use with myself and my clients, including training in my own exclusive Lighthealing technique

  6. Practical Tools: Oracle Card readings with/without focus, Angel Numbers, Chakra Clearing Dance, Elemental Magic

  7. Money, Sex&Drugs: The things nobody talks about, how money is energy, sacred sexuality and our addictions


"I learned a lot from Annika's videos, and love that I can watch them again whenever I like. What really added to the experience was the Facebook group where we all interacted with each other, and the weekly Q&A sessions, where we got to explore more about what was taught in the videos. The group has been so supportive and loving, as is Annika."

Ann B.,

a maple tree just sprouting in the Soul Garden


All of the Modules and every live call we had in so far 3 live rounds PLUS all the bonuses are all available in one place:

The Soul Garden 
membership website

Here you have access to a total of by now 28 Q&A calls, 28 module videos, 11 Full Moon Circles and many more in the bonus section, including the 7 guest speaker calls mentioned above. I trust that you will always find the exact information you need in that very moment! 

The site is carefully designed by myself and is very similar to this site here. Because I am a visual person and beauty matters to me I thought it might be important for you too, so have a sneak peek:

Any Questions?

If there are any questions please don't hesitate to contact me,

email me to

Looking forward to welcome you in
the Soul Garden...

Love&Light, always!

Annika x

© 2016-2018 Annika Suoma Frey&The Light Maiden